The role of potash in the vital functions of plants is versatile. It’s a sine qua non for all plants, microorganisms, animals and man. Potash uptake is largely a function of its content in soil, mobility and availability to plants.

Fertilizers and food security

Global food security is the issue of physical availability of food and stability of food production. Fertilizers play great role in providing it, because they give farmers the possibility to get good yields, enrich soil for new crops and help to struggle a lot of negative factors (seasonality, weather changes, etc).

Due to the demographic level, the global population’s demand for food grows persistently. According to FAO outlook, for normal living humanity should increase agricultural output by 70% by 2050. At the same time, the acreage of arable lands per capita is constantly decreasing. The only way that is left is to increase yields. It is possible primarily by reasonable implementation of fertilizers.

On its part, BPC makes every effort to popularize main principles of correct fertilizers application among farmers. We give advice on how to consider types of soil, climatic conditions and types of crops; how to use all kinds of fertilizers in a balanced way. We work in this area both individually and together with international institutes and organizations.

It is important not only to increase the production of agricultural output, but produce more quality food, necessary for a well-balanced human development. And again, fertilizers play important role here.

Fertilizers and food security

«4 R Rule»


Right source 

Right rate 

Right time 

Right place


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