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Belarusian Potash Company together with Belaruskali have been awarded “Best exporter” for the second time

Based on 2016 results, OJSC Belarusian Potash Company together with OJSC Belaruskali have earned the award “Best exporter”. This republican competition held by The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry every year honors enterprises that achieved the highest levels of export in their area.


Today, Belaruskali and Belarusian Potash Company hold the leading export position among potash producers, with the volume of export reaching 9.5 million mt in 2016.

Following the results of 2016, the share of potash fertilizers produced by OJSC Belaruskali amounts to almost 20% being the record level for the entire history of the Belarusian potash industry.

Responsible approach, market insight, the reputation of a reliable supplier and a responsible producer, attention to the buyers’ needs and well-coordinated teamwork – all these factors support leading positions of BPC and Belaruskali.

In that regard, BPC would like to say sincere thanks to miners for their selfless and dangerous work, to the young and active BPC team and to all partners of the company.


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