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Sinochem Group and Belarusian Potash Company sign a five-year exclusive memorandum on the supply of granular potash fertilizers

On August 11-12, 2018 a delegation of the Chinese corporation Sinochem Group headed by the President of the corporation Mr. Zhang Wei and with the participation of Director General of agricultural division of Sinochem Group corporation Mr. Qin Hengde visited Belarusian Potash Company. The parties discussed the results of cooperation in the recent years and exchanged opinions on the future work.

On August 12, 2018 in the presence of Sinochem Group President Mr. Zhang Wei and Director General of JSC “Belaruskali” Mr. I. Golovaty, the Managing Director of Sinochem Fertilizer Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Corporation Mr. Feng Mingwei and Deputy Director General on Sales and Marketing of JSC “Belarusian Potash Company” Mr. A. Polyakov signed a five-year memorandum on the supply of new type of potash fertilizers (halurgic granular white Muriate of Potash with the addition of Zinc and Sulphur). According to the memorandum this innovative product will be supplied to the Chinese market during a five-year period from 2019 to 2023 with the right to sign annual contracts based on the current market situation. According to the terms of the document the total supply volume for the five years will be 700,000 t.

The signed document follows and develops the mainstream line of cooperation between the companies, contained in the existing Memorandum on other types of Belarusian potash, signed on May 10, 2015 during the visit to the Republic of Belarus of the government delegation of People's Republic of China in the presence of the President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko and the President of People's Republic of China Xi Jinping.

The Deputy Director General on Sales and Marketing of JSC “Belarusian Potash Company” Mr. A. Polyakov commented:

«The relations of Sinochem Group and BPC is a real strategic partnership, based on long-term experience of successful collaborative work. It is noteworthy, that the signing of the new memorandum comes on an anniversary year. This year our potash giant, JSC “Belaruskali”, will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, and BPC in its turn will celebrate its first small anniversary – the fifth. At all times during its existence BPC cooperated with Sinochem Group in the atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect and understanding. We highly value the established business relations with our Chinese partners and believe, that they will get stronger in the course of time».

The Director General of JSC “Belaruskali” Mr. I. Golovaty commented:

«The signing of the new memorandum is a further acknowledgement of the fact, that our product is highly-demanded on the Chinese market. We are sure, that our new product with the addition of Zinc and Sulphur will quickly become popular and not only in the Asia region. Moreover, the new Memorandum stimulates trade and economic exchange between China and Belarus, as well as will surely enhance strategic cooperation of Belaruskali and BPC with Sinochem Group – one of the largest potash importers in the world».


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