The role of potash in the vital functions of plants is versatile. It’s a sine qua non for all plants, microorganisms, animals and man. Potash uptake is largely a function of its content in soil, mobility and availability to plants.

Quality Standards

Success in the international market is only possible if a company meets high quality standards. It is quality that determines the competitive strength of a product and further expansion of sales.

Belaruskali JSC focuses on improving qualitative parametres and consumer value of its products. This is why all the technological and production processes at the manufacturing plant are brought in compliance with up-to-date requirements

The producer has introduced the ISO 9001 international quality management system. All production stages in Belaruskali are constantly under control which ensures the quality of the product against any imperfections and guarantees its compliance with the specifications.

The enterprise also holds the ISO 14000 certificate proving that its environment management system meets the international environment protection standards. Such a certificate proves that the production process has been put in line with international environment protection guidelines and has no adverse environmental impact.

Belaruskali JSC is committed to the constant enhancement of its products quality: all technologies and production procedures employed by the company have been brought in compliance with international standards.



Quality Standards style= Quality Standards


Quality Standards

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation sets standards for the production, market allocation and use of chemical substances throughout the EU. REACH is aimed to introduce new technologies into the European chemical industry and make it more competitive, restrict the production and imports of harmful and hazardous substances, boost public health and labor safety. It also has an environmental dimension.

According to Appendix V (7) to EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) and definitions in 3(39) of the Regulation, MOP produced by Belaruskali (ЕС number 231-211-8, СAS number 7447-40-7) is not subject to obligatory registration as a natural substance not exposed to chemical modifications.

Quality Standards


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