Andrei Chushev

Head of Sales Department

Ruslan Drozd

Director of Beijing Representative Office

Sergei Makeychik

Director of BPC’s regional office in São Paulo

Leonid Dingilevsky

Director of New Delhi Representative Office

Dmitry Haritonchik

Director of BPC’s regional office in Ukraine

Alexander Scherbich

Supplies in USA and African countries

Maksim Pasiukevich

Supplies in US and African countries

Ivan Kozlov

Supplies to the European countries and Turkey

Mikhail Marinich

Supplies to European countries

Vyacheslav Lyashkov

Supplies to Latin American countries

Artur Kazanchyan

Supplies to Latin American countries

Natalia Mikhailova

Supplies to FSU countries

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

BPC leads exports of potash fertilizers enjoying strong positions in a number of key regions, particularly in the markets of China, India, Brazil, South East Asia, and Latin America.


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