Railway transportation

We supply potash by rail using specialized hopper wagons (mineral and grain hoppers) mainly from the own fleet of JSC Belaruskali, which numbers about 4,000 cars and is constantly updated. Belaruskali’s own wagons mean efficiency and mobility in deliveries, and the transportation of only one type of product guaranties the high cleanness of cargo.


We deliver goods to customers by rail on DAF/DAP basis to such countries as Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation (including Kaliningrad Oblast), Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries neighboring the borders of Belarus/Ukraine/Poland/Russia. The period of delivery to the Belarusian borders is only 1-2 days.

With various types of wagons in its fleet, JSC Belaruskali can respond to special requests from buyers depending on the technological features at the points of discharge at the destination station. At the same time, the short time of transportation preserves the free-flowing nature of potash and other quality indicators.

For loading on vessels, potash is delivered to ports mainly in mineral hoppers, with a maximum capacity about 70 mt. Delivery time to Klaipeda is about 1.5 days, to Nikolaev is about 3 days. We transport potash in full trains, and due to that, both movement of hoppers through the territories of the countries and their return are quick and smooth. A short delivery advantage allows us to quickly respond to changes in loading ports, increase or decrease delivery rates, depending on the situation with warehouses and arrivals of vessels.




When delivered by rail