Water transport and ports

Over 80% of Belarusian potash are shipped by water, as this type of deliveries is not only efficient and comfortable, but enables us to serve customers in the outermost parts of the world.

Transportation<br>by water

by water

Over 80% of Belarusian potash is shipped by water, as this type of deliveries is not only efficient and comfortable, but enables us to serve customers in the outermost parts of the world.

Seaborne goods are shipped in bulk (and less frequently – in bags). With this method, goods are railed from the production site to the port in hoppers and then loaded into vessel holds at the terminal.

Main delivery options: CFR/CIF – destination port, FOB – loading port.

As loading ports, BPC currently uses Klaipeda Port (Lithuania, the Baltic Sea), Nika Terra Port and Reni Port (Ukraine, the Danube). With shipments to Western Europe, it is also possible to deliver goods to the port of Antwerp (Belgium), where potash can be loaded onto barges that go along the Rhine.

For shipments on CFR/CIF basis, BPC searches for and charters vessels. Volumes for delivery may vary from 1,000 mt (on barges) to 70,000 mt on ‘panamax’ vessels.

Professional competence and many years of experience of the BPC chartering team allow us to achieve optimal chartering conditions both in terms of costs and shipment quality. BPC has established itself as one of the most reliable charterers and partners in the freight market.

Carrying out the majority of shipments on CFR terms, BPC achieved high accuracy in shipments’ planning and in terms of goods delivery to consumers, and uses the opportunity to combine cargo and charter vessels with successive calls to several ports of loading and discharge.


Destination port


Loading port

70 000 мт

Max volume

1 000 мт

Min volume

Warehouse in Qingdao Warehouse in Yantai Warehouse in Zhanjiang Warehouse in Zhenjiang Warehouse in Lianyungang China Map
Warehouses in China

For product distribution in remote areas where direct deliveries of small cargo (3-5 kt) from Europe are difficult or impossible, BPC makes frequent use of bonded warehouses. Currently BPC rents four warehouses in northern and southern China. With products from large tonnage vessels readily available at the warehouse, BPC can make a quick delivery (within seven days) of a small volume (2,000 t and above) to many countries and ports of Southeast Asia. This helps to accommodate prompt requests for products from small and medium buyers while staying competitive in terms of delivery time despite the remoteness of our operations from the end recipient.

Brazilian market

In addition, handling and storage of cargo for the Brazilian market takes place at a warehouse leased by BPC in the port of Paranagua. It significantly optimizes the logistics of supplies and service for smaller clients in the region and enables Belarusian Potash Company to deliver goods to buyers in the shortest possible time, including prompt orders.

In all ports used, specialized terminals for handling fertilizers with appropriate infrastructure for receiving, storing and transshipment of bulk cargoes. The available storage capacity allows us to store more than 350,000 tonnes of product at once, which is especially important during seasons of high demand to ensure timely delivery to consumers.

Brazilian market