August 2013 saw Belarusian Potash Company embark on a new stage of its development with the mission to operate as an independent trader of Belarusian potash fertilizers in foreign markets.

With our regional offices and affiliated companies activities optimized, the new flexible system of both bulk and container deliveries implemented, and our regional warehouse operations activated, we have been able to maximally optimize our Q4 sales in all global markets. 

As a result of the new business format BPC achieved its target for Q4 2013 to the full extent. In Oct-Dec 2013 the Company exported over 1.2 million tones of MOP, 10% up yoy. Export sales in 2013 totaled about 5.7 million tones of Belarusian MOP.

Meanwhile in 2013 BPC consistently pursued its policy of moderate price reductions and developed flexible sales strategy based on sound judgment and targeted at reaching close ties with every customer.  

Presently BPC expects further steady growth of sales volumes in Q1 2014 ensuring sustained production at Belaruskali and creating favorable conditions for potash market in 2014.

However, over recent months some Russian media occasionally published misleading information of evidently speculative and biased nature regarding BPC activity. Provocative statements from ‘unidentified sources’ alleging concealment of real sales by BPC are based on fragmentary port statistics taken out of context where container and railway shipments as well as regional stock sales are completely ignored. Moreover, when we report our results, we mean actual sales not including volumes exported to our regional warehouses for onward sale.

Such publications are based on random data with reference to anonymous experts aimed at undermining BPC’s business reputation. Yet we think that the distribution of inaccurate information seriously damages nothing but the image of the media themselves which act that way.

BPC, on its part, has always been committed to the principle of providing its partners with correct information.

Holding journalistic ethics in deep respect, BPC encourages all media market players to verify information before releasing it.

The new Belarusian Potash Company positions itself as a reliable business partner and a disciplined market player applying each and every effort to maintain market stability and improve pricing environment while firmly upholding business ethic principles with respect to its commercial and media partners.