11 october 2016

Belarusian Potash Company Expands its Presence in Ukraine

In October 2016, a trading company of Agrorozkvit LLC established in partnership with BPC started its operations in Ukraine. The decision to establish a new company comes in line with existing market trends, while Agrorozkvit LLC will be aimed mostly at the full coverage of the Ukrainian potash market, and at driving the company closer to end consumers of potash.

Ukraine featuring well-developed agriculture is a critical market for mineral fertilizers, and convenient logistics enables to supply products promptly from Belarus to Ukraine.

Dmitri Kharitonchik will take charge of the new company. Being one of the leading specialists of the BPC sales team, he possesses extensive experience in export potash shipments, with Ukraine being among these export destinations, which makes him well aware of the specific character and customer preference of this high-potential market.

Dmitri Kharitonchik, director of Agrorozkvit LLC: “BPC makes another step forward, striving to meet the actual needs of end potash consumers, and do business on the level of farmers and agricultural holding companies. The geographic proximity of Ukraine, a high potential for the development of the agricultural sector, good neighborly relations – all these create prerequisites for the active consumption of Belarusian potash”.

For reference: Based on the 2015 results, Belarusian Potash Company held a share of 19.3% in the global potash exports. Belarusian potash is supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide.