Established in 2013, Belarusian Potash Company currently has proved itself as the flagship of the global potash market. BPC supplies potash fertilizers of the highest quality, being a market leader in the majority of developed and developing countries.


Belarusian Potash Company is one of the largest suppliers of potash fertilizers in the world and has a well-developed network of regional representative offices and subsidiaries.

The headquarters manages trade operations in various regions of the world from Minsk (the Republic of Belarus). Foreign representative offices of the company are located in Brazil (Curitiba), India (New Delhi) and China (Beijing); they regulate supplies of Belarusian potash in their regions.

Such structure contributes to the maximum coverage of sales markets in the main geographic regions of the world, bringing the company closer to end consumers, and enables a quick reaction to changes in the political and economic environment.

Each region has its own climatic, agricultural and economical peculiarities, its own harvest calendar and subtleties of production processes. We invariably take into account all these factors in the organization of supplies and commercial activities. Understanding the economic processes of the region and preferences of consumers, respect for national traditions, attention to details and responsible approach are the factors that help us to maintain our reputation as a reliable and efficient supplier of potash in all corners of the world.